Government Cleaners and Sanitizers

Transportation Facilities:

Our hand sanitizer products are installed in many locations along the New York City subway system.

All of our products are made by US manufacturers and our products are available without concerns of foreign company shipments, which can cause delays in production.

Educational Facilities:

Controlling the exposure of any pandemic in our educational facilities affecting students, teachers and staff are paramount to returning to a normal worry-free existence.

Bioarmor is uniquely prepared with our products for the challenge. Our FDA approved hand sanitizers and dispenser stands are portable for quick placement in passageways.

Our EPA registered (COVID-19 kill) spray disinfectants are dispensed without harsh smells, so classrooms can be occupied immediately.

For the continuous comfort of classroom attendees, our quiet ultraviolet light wall attachment product sanitizes the room air while the space is occupied.

Military and Veteran Facilities:

Bioarmor takes pride in the safety of our men and women who protect our country every day, and our veterans who have served.

All of our infection control products from our portable spray pen clip on sanitizers, which can be available in a med pack field belt, to our efficient foam pump bottled products, can be dispatched quickly and are effective in varied temperature environments to keep personnel in field operations sanitized, without the availability of water.

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