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About Us

BioArmor is headquartered at the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory in Kannapolis, NC. By locating at the NC Research Campus, BioArmor takes advantage of the proximity to a community of scientists and the scientific expertise of the David H. Murdock Research Institute to develop new applications for their antimicrobial formulations. Our company offers proprietary formulations of non-toxic, non-alcohol based hand sanitizers, topical antiseptics and hard surface disinfectants that kill harmful microorganisms. Our customer base includes government and military agencies, private schools, pharmacies & retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond.


Our Products


  • Alcohol-Free
  • Hydrating Vitamin B5
  • Moisturizing Aloe-Vera
  • Kills 99.9% of Germs

Hand Sanitizer

BioArmor™ Silky Gloves Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-free, non-toxic antimicrobial hand sanitizer that safely disinfects, killing 99.99% of harmful germs, bacteria and micro-organisms, while keeping hands soft and moisturized with aloe and vitamin B5.


Disinfectant Spray Cleaners

  • H2O2 Daily Shower/Bath Cleaner
  • H2O2 Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Protects your family from germs
  • Hospital grade multi-purpose cleaner

Disinfectant Spray Cleaners

Disinfecting your kitchen and bathrooms on a regular basis should be an essential part of your housekeeping routine. BioArmor H2O2 disinfectant spray cleaners for kitchen and bathrooms are an effective way to keep your family healthy.


Oral Hygiene Organizer

  • Keep your toothbrush sanitized 24/7
  • 100% Antimicrobial
  • Compact for travel
  • Versatile and Expandable

Oral Hygiene Organizer

Ever thought about the billions of bacteria that accumulate on your toothbrush as it sits in your bathroom? We have come up with a simple way to keep your toothbrush sanitary 24/7.


Try Our EPA-Registered H2O2 Plus Disinfectant Cleaners

Multi-Purpose Disinfectant Cleaner

  • Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Kills 99% of germs while it cleans
  • Free of harsh chemicals and fumes
  • EPA-Registered

Daily Shower Cleaner

  • Powered by Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Spray and walk away!
  • No bleach or phosphates
  • Guards against water build-up
  • EPA-Registered

Oral Hygiene Organizers

Keeping your toothbrush sanitary 24/7!

Ever thought about the billions of bacteria that can get on your toothbrush every day?

One of the primary causes for viruses is using an unsanitary toothbrush. BioArmor Infection

Control has come up with a way to keep your toothbrush sanitary 24/7.

Our Oral Hygiene Organizers are made with a antimicrobial formula, which

means germs won’t attach to the organizer because the material repels germs.

Easy for travel, the organizer’s modules can be designed for up to 5 people.


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